NOUN TMA Questions & Solutions: HEM705 – Human Behaviour In Illness

1 Which of the following are positive coping skills needed for better adjustments in illness? i. Approach problems activel. 
ii. Seek appropriate help.
iii. Make expectations realistic. 
iv. Manage the anger

i, ii, iii and iv only

2 Which is NOT a form of emotional response in illness????

***None of the above

3 The cognitive dimension of illness belief that represent illnesses in terms of whether they believe that the illness can be treated and cured and the extent to which the outcome of their illness is controllable either by themselves or by powerful others is..?


4 In the perception of pain, the senses that are sensitive to touch, pressure, vibration and kinesthetic changes are called????

Mechano-receptive senses

5 Individuals??? assessment of symptoms of illness can be determined by the following EXCEPT??

The extent to which the symptom disrupts family, work and other social activities.
The tolerance threshold of those who are exposed to and evaluate the deviant signs and symptoms.
Available information, knowledge and cultural assumptions and understanding of the evaluator.
*** None of the above

6 Which of the following is NOT indicative of blood in the urine, stool, vomit, vagina or penis?

Hodgkin???s disease

7 The disease condition whose management include medication and/life style changes such as diet and exercise and stress management is BEST referred to as ???.?

Chronic disease

8 Which is NOT likely a symptom/cause of persistent cough????

Thyroid condition

9 Which of the following are complementary and alternative methods of treating illnesses and diseases…?

Faith and Folk Healing
Acupuncture and Aryuveda

Shiatsu and Bio feed back
*** All of the above

10 Which of the following is NOT an importance of the symptoms of a disease or illness????

Symptoms offers insight into the physiological and psychological aspects of the patient???s body
Symptoms are used by the sick to gain legitimization of the sick role from society.
Symptoms add clarity to the complex ideas of sickness and healing
*** None of the above

11 On the scales of pain measurement, zero (0) represents????


12 Which is NOT part of the diseases that were recorded prior to 20th century as well as contemporary time?

*** None of the above

13 A heart disease condition characterized by reduced blood supply to the organ is referred to as????

Ischaemic heart disease

14 The kind of illnesses whose symptoms are fairly intense and resolve in short period of time as either cure or death in the patient is referred to as????

Acute illnesses

15 The model that is used to predict behaviour of both acute and chronically ill patients is????

Health belief model

16 Which of the following statement totally CORRECT about patients in the new economy?
i. The patient in the new economy is instructed to tread lightly on the system. 

ii. In the new economy, the requirement to get better relates to one’s duty to the state, rather than one’s duty to self.
iii. Patients in the sew economy are not to see health either as an Experience, nor a commodity.
iv. Patients in the new economy are not to be trusted

i, ii, and iv only

17 Which of the following is NOT included in the primary dimension of health behaviours????

Mental Health
Role functioning
*** None of the above

18 The psychological components of illness dynamics include the following except????

Genetic endowment

19 The dimension of health that view being healthy as the absence of illness, symptoms of disease, pain or distress is???.?

Negative dimension

20 The simple, inborn, automatic response to a stimulus by a part of an organism???s body is????


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