One way you can increase your vocabulary power is by _____
ANS: Reading extensively

When making notes from your books, it requires you to apply _________ speed.
ANS: Study

The highest scores in this chart are ______ . Ans: 10-19

The Y-axis of this chart is _________. Ans: student in the class

Looking at this chart, the X-axis will be seen as the_______ Ans: score

If you are doing a 200-300 word per minute speed of reading, it will be regarded as a
Ans: slow study type reading

Study speed level is required to study your books for ______
Ans: Examination

Looking at this chart, the dark lines are represent_____. Ans: female

The light part of the solid blocks is ____ Ans: male

To be able to read and understand very well, you need to develop your ____ Ans: vocabulary

An exposition of a special study of a subject area is_____.
Ans: Presentation

Indicate the appropriate tense in this sentence: Tade _____
to see my dad yesterday.
Ans: Came

One of the aims of seminars is to arrive at a solution to a
_______ in a particular field of a study.
Ans: Problem

In a seminar presentation, the speaker usually presents their position on the study in the ____
Ans: Conclusion

The section that deals with the ‘How’ in a seminar paper is
the ________.

As major propelling force for a study is usually _________.

Ans: statement of the problem

In making a public speech, you start by giving
acknowledgement to important personalities present,
otherwise referred to as _______ in Nigeria.
Ans: Protocol

At the end of your speech, the appropriate way to end it is to
_____ those that listened to you.

Ans: Thank

Indicate the appropriate tense in this sentence: President

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