NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: PHY207 – Thermodynamics


Q1 The heat required to raise the temperature of the body through 1K is called

heat capacity

Q2 The silvered walls of a vacuum flask minimise loss of heat due to


Q3 Which of the following does not need a medium for heat transfer


Q4 What is the lowest temperature of platinum resistance thermometer?

about 20K

Q5 The heat required to change 1kg of ice at 0???C to water at the same temperature is called

specific heat capacit y of fusion

Q6 The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of a body by one degree celcius is called the

therma l capacity

Q7 The unit of linear expansivity is


Q8 Which of the following thermometers can be used to measure a range of temperatures from -40???C to 90???C?

alcohol in glass

Q9 The normal body temperature of human beings is

37??? C

Q10 Nm/Tm3 is the unit of

dipole moment per unit v olume

Q11 Magnetization is equal to the magnetic moment per unit —————

volum e

Q12 The magnetic ——————- of a sample is the maximum torque it experiences in unit magnetic field

dipole moment

Q13 Which of the following cooling methods is suitable for low temperature?

adiabatic de magnetization

Q14 Which of the following is not a method for temperature cooling?

locurve cooling

Q15 To cool a gas by adiabatic decompression the gas is first compressed —————–


Q16 Isothermal process followed by ————- process are two processes that are involved in cooling a gas


Q17 If no temperature change takes place in a free expansion process, the internal energy is only dependent on

Temperatu re

Q18 Which of the following coordinates does the internal energy of a gas not a function of?


Q19 The quantity (δ T/δ V)u is called the

Joule coefficien t

Q20 Which of the following is not a requirement for performing a continous throttling process?

low thickness

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