NOUN E-Exams Past Questions: EDU258 – Computer Science Methods

Q The capacity of 3.5 inch floppy disk is 

*Q ALU means ______ 

*Q The second generation computers were programmed using ____ Language 

*Q The binary system has ___ digits 

*Q ____ is the exact value of megabytes in bytes 

*Q The Full meaning of RAM is ________ 

*Q Computer Speakers are both Input and ____ devices 

*Q _____ named computer application a tool? 

*Q The Computer as a Tutee means it is a ___ 

*Q ARPA means ______ 

*Q HTML stands for ______ 

*Q E-mail means ______ 

*Q The first generation computers were programmed using ____ Language 

*Q ____ invented “The Stepped Reckoner” which utilised the principle of multiplication through repeated addition 

*Q In MICR, M stands for ____ 

*Q ____ Boole developed the Boolean Algebra 

*Q What is the full meaning of ROM is ____ 

*Q ___ are programs that tells the computer what to do 

*Q ____ language was used in the First Generation Computer 

*Q The Chief Component of the first generation Computer was _____ 

*Q It is the duty of the _____ to break the curriculum into schemes 

*Q In planning the scheme, the _____ planners are to categorise curriculum into years 

*Q The Speed of the Printer is limited by the ______ used 

*Q The full meaning of the acronym CD-ROM 

*Q In MICR, C stands for _______ 

*Q The Brain of any computer is the ______ 

*Q To teach Computer effectively, we must make it ____ centred 

*Q _____ generation of computers was built on Artificial Intelligence 

*Q The first generation computers used ___ for their circuits 

*Q The _____ writes the system software 

*Q The transistor was invented by ____ in 1948 

Q ____ computer combines both the features of Digital and Analogue computers 

*Q www means ___ 

*Q URL means _____ 

*Q Google was developed at _____ 

*Q The programs that tells the CPU what to do are called _____ 

*Q The following are graphic packages except __ 

*Q In computer lesson preparation, computer is any of the following except __ 

*Q The following is an input device except 

*Q Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit? 

*Q Computer science can be taught effectively by making it ____ centred 

*Q The following are the usefulness of scheme of work of computer science methods except __ 

*Q The chief component of first generation computer was 

*Q The following is a characteristic of first generation computers 

*Q The following is the full meaning of the acronym CD-ROM 

*Q Which of the following is referred to as the computer brain ? 

*Q The characteristics of the 5th generation computers include the following except 

*Q Scheme of work is useful as the ___ 

*Q The following is an advantage of computer based learning 

*Q The following is a function of the CPU 

*Q In selecting a software, the focus should be on _____ 

*Q The idea of the Internet started in 

*Q The following are examples of fourth generation computers except _ 

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